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The path to a sustainable city starts with a vision, a description of a city’s future that articulates its aspirations for sustainability. A well-crafted vision can rally public support and mobilize civic energy for a long-term urban makeover that touches virtually every sector of a city. Many cities have produced and published their own sustainability visions.

Taken together, the global collection of visions contains what could be seen as a common set of principles that provide helpful guidance to almost any city, and to urban practitioners within those cities. These principles might be encapsulated in a concise vision of urban sustainability: A sustainable city is a vibrant human settlement that provides ample opportunities, in harmony with the natural environment, to create dignified lives for all citizens. Although simple in concept, this overarching vision is a challenge to realize.

“A sustainable city brings people together, maximizing the stimuli, innovation, and enrichment that is born of connectedness.”

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