Preview | Betsy Agar and Michael Renner

Committing to 100 percent renewable energy means significantly more than flipping a few switches. It requires making strong commitments to energy efficiency as well as to renewables in the three major urban energy-use sectors: electricity, heating and cooling, and transportation.

Beyond these sectors, the commitment drives social change, animates a diversity of actors, demands innovative policies, transforms economies, and develops knowledge and skill capacities. Around the world, many cities are taking steps to put their energy supplies on a more sustainable footing. Now, more than ever, cities have the planning tools, financial incentives, technical know-how, and public support to transition to 100 percent renewable energy. All that this movement needs is leadership from cities to lend their political, legislative, and financial weight. The world is ready.

“With a little creativity, cities are finding countless ways to overcome the many obstacles they may face in integrating renewable energy and energy efficiency.”

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