Preview the chapters from Can a City Be Sustainable? (State of the World). 

World’s Cities at a Glance | Gary Gardner

Part I. Cities as Human Constructs
Chapter 1. Imagining a Sustainable CityGary Gardner
Chapter 2. Cities in the Arc of Human History: A Materials Perspective | Gary Gardner
Chapter 3. The City: A System of Systems | Gary Gardner
Chapter 4. Toward a Vision of Sustainable Cities | Gary Gardner
Chapter 5. The Energy Wildcard: Possible Energy Constraints to Further Urbanization | Richard Heinberg

Part II. The Urban Climate Challenge
Chapter 6. Cities and Greenhouse Gas Emissions: The Scope of the Challenge | Tom Prugh and Michael Renner
Chapter 7. Urbanism and Global Sprawl | Peter Calthorpe
Chapter 8. Reducing the Environmental Footprint of Buildings | Michael Renner
Chapter 9. Energy Efficiency in Buildings: A Crisis of Opportunity | Gregory H. Kats
Chapter 10. Is 100 Percent Renewable Energy in Cities Possible? | Betsy Agar and Michael Renner
Chapter 11. Supporting Sustainable Transportation | Michael Renner
Chapter 12. Urban Transport and Climate Change | Cornie Huizenga, Karl Peet, and Sudhir Gota
Chapter 13. Source Reduction and Recycling of Waste | Michael Renner
Chapter 14. Solid Waste and Climate Change | Perinaz Bhada-Tata and Daniel Hoornweg
Chapter 15. Rural-Urban Migration, Lifestyles, and Deforestation | Tom Prugh

Part III. Politics, Equity, and Livability
Chapter 16. Remunicipalization, the Low-Carbon Transition, and Energy Democracy | Andrew Cumbers
Chapter 17. The Vital Role of Biodiversity in Urban Sustainability | Martí Boada Juncà, Roser Maneja Zaragoza, and Pablo Knobel Guelar
Chapter 18. The Inclusive City: Urban Planning for Diversity and Social Cohesion | Franziska Schreiber and Alexander Carius
Chapter 19. Urbanization, Inclusion, and Social Justice | Jim Jarvie and Richard Friend

City Views (Preview)
Shanghai, China | Haibing Ma
Freiburg, Germany | Simone Ariane Pflaum
Melbourne, Australia | Robert Doyle
Vancouver, Canada | Gregor Robertson
Singapore | Geoffrey Davison and Ang Wei Ping
Ahmedabad and Pune, India | Kartikeya Sarabhai, Madhavi Joshi, and Sanskriti Menon
Barcelona, Spain | Martí Boada Juncà, Roser Maneja Zaragoza, and Pablo Knobel Guelar
Portland, Oregon, United States | Brian Holland and Juan Wei
Jerusalem, Israel | Martí Boada Juncà, Roser Maneja Zaragoza, and Pablo Knobel Guelar
Durban, South Africa | Debra Roberts and Sean O’Donoghue

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